Splitting Hives: 3 More Methods

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Applying ApiLife Var
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Varoa Mite Control Product Comparison

An easy to follow guide on mite control products. Click to download.

Updated and Now Available:

Honey Bee Diseases and Pest

The update University of Minnesota publication Honey Bee Diseases and Pest, 2016 Edition is now available for purchase or download. To purchase go here, or to download for free click on the PDF file below.​​

Applying Mite Away Quick Strips (MAQS)

Using Formic Pro Mite Treatment
Small Hive Beetle

Wondering if you have small hive beetles (SHB)? Here are photos of both the beetle and larvae. If you see larvae you should immediately toss the frames. Some beekeepers will place the frames in the freezer for 24 hours which should kill the beetle, eggs and larvae. They will then reuse the frames. You should also scorch or otherwise thorougly cleanse the boxes, bottom board, inner cover...in other words all of your woodenware. 

Using Oxalic Acid for Mite Control: The Dribble Method
Splitting Hives: Easy Split
Small Hive Beetle Tutorial

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