Our  producer informed us that due to continuing bad weather he will not have our 2-pound packages delivered until Friday 5/3 and our 3-pound packages on Saturday, 5/4.


We will be distributing both 2 and 3-pound packages on the following dates and times:

  • Thursday, May 2, No Pick Up

  • Friday, May 3, 3pm to 8pm--Two pound only

  • Saturday, May 4, 2pm to 6pm--Two and three pound

  • Sunday, May 5: By appointment. Please call or text 507.261.2150 to set up a time.

We highly recommend you to keep checking our Facebook page for any changes to the schedule above.

Northwoods Apple Orchard
8018 75th Avenue NW, Oronoco, MN
(Google Maps will have us at the right location, just make sure you search on Northwoods Apple Orchard address and NOT on “The Bee Shed”—searching on our name will get you incorrect directions).



  • Packaged bees usually come with “hitchhikers” on the outside of the cage, therefore, it would be good to keep the packages out of the passenger area of your vehicle. Depending on the temperature that day, you can haul them in your trunk for up to an hour or so. If you are driving longer than that, then just pop the trunk open for a few minutes every hour. Bees will overheat quickly if they are kept in an enclosed area too long.

  • There will be plenty of bees flying around the distribution area, so we suggest that you keep the kids and pets at home if feasible.

  • Depending on your comfort level around bees, you may want to bring along your bee suit. 

  • If you have never hived bees before, please take a look at the video on our website…this is a common method. There is also a video on hiving your bees in cold weather, which may be the case next weekend.

  • Finally, please let us know if you have any questions, concerns or comments.

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Rochester, MN 

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