Have a "Bunch" of Bees?

A Lesson in Knowing What You Really Have  

We get many calls that start out something like this: "I have a swarm of bees in my tree/eaves/deck/yard. Can you get rid of them for me?" The answer is "yes", IF they are honey bees, bumble bees or other types of wild bees. Most of the time, the "bees" turn out to be wasps or hornets...which we cannot do much about as they generally need to be killed--the nests cannot be relocated.

Know What You Have

Honeybees - They can be found in a clump as small as a baseball  up to a basketball or larger--much larger. I addition to trees they can be found in storage sheds, walls of homes and barns, under decks--actually most anyplace but in the ground. You do not want to kill them...please contact The Bee Shed for removal (there is no charge for us to do that if we keep the bees).

 How are swarms of honeybees recovered? Check out this video that shows one way of doing it. 

Bumblebees -  Excellent pollinators, and, like honeybees, their population is in sharp decline. Their nests are usually in the ground. Bumblebees are generally fairly passive, but if they are in a bad location we can remove and attempt relocate them. 

Wasps - Hornets - Yellow Jackets : Despite having a few redeeming features, these are generally the "bad actors" if they are located near human activity. These are wasps, hornets, yellow jackets...all aggressive and, unlike the honey bee, they can sting multiple times. They will nest in the ground, in a house foundation, in trees, under decks--almost any place. You can exterminate them with sprays found at hardware stores, or call an exterminator. Often times it takes a few attempts before they are completely eliminated. 

ID what you have: The top images are nests, the bottom are close-ups of the critters that live there. 

Northern Paper Wasp

Bald-face Hornet

Yellow Jacket

For more information on these and other insects:

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