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Raise Funds for Your Non-Profit Group

The Bee Shed is committed to giving back to local communities by supporting non-profit organizations that are raising funds for their activities. We provide a local, wholesome, healthy and natural product that practically sells itself. Contact us for current pricing.

Our fundraising support program is no risk, with no minimum orders and no down payments. 


It Works Because of the Honey!
You provide:

  1.  A single point of contact (“fundraising chair”) with whom we work

  2.  A membership group or event to sell honey

  3.  Collection of payments and delivery of the product

We provide:

  1.  Fancy Grade A raw honey that is bottled, labeled and ready for you to deliver

  2.  Sales sheets and tips on increasing your sales

  3.  Professional and personalized assistance

Event sales are centered on an event, such as a citywide garage sale or a festival that is sponsored by a non-profit group. The process works a little different, but the final result is the same – income for your group:

  1. We provide you with enough honey for you to sell at the event.

  2. You pay a deposit to cover the cost of the honey we leave with you.

  3. You return any unsold honey and we return the appropriate amount of the deposit.

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